imgMaking Agile stick in a traditional business

The Challenge

The telecommunications market in Australia is extremely dynamic and competitive. Client demands and requirements are constantly evolving. The lifespan of products and service offerings is shrinking. As such, Singtel Optus needs the capability to create and roll out product and service offerings in very short timeframes. The Agile team in the company has been set up to help it address these challenges. However, implementing Agile can be relatively straightforward in a young green fields business with little legacy. In a well-established traditional business such as Optus it requires a major change in the corporate mind set and operating practices.

The Presenter

In their four years involvement with driving Agile change in a complex, constantly evolving corporate environment like Optus Parikshit Basrur and Karen Todeschini believe that, after many trials and tribulations, they have gradually uncovered what they see as the secret sauce that is required if enterprise Agile transformation is to be successful. This presentation is meant for senior managers and executives who are embarking in similar Agile transformation journeys or are in the middle of one and need to share their experiences and ideas as a shared community-based learning.

The Topic

In this presentation Parikshit and Karen will share the stage to recount their learnings over the last four years. They acknowledge that it has not been an easy journey for them. They have been working under high business expectations to deliver. However, they have been working against a backdrop of regular changes in key stakeholders and executive sponsors. Moreover, the business has been under pressure to perform which has resulted in many of their colleagues being focused on short-term timeframes.

Yet these challenges have also helped clarify their thinking of what they have needed to do to make Agile stick in a traditional business. In particular, they have come to see that it is much more about them as individuals and how they interact with their colleagues than about methodologies like Scrum and Kanban. Instead the secret sauce that they believe makes Agile work in a well-established business is a combination of leadership, salesmanship, striking a sourcing balance between internal and external providers and developing the structures and processes to reinforce the Agile disciplines. In particular, much has revolved around them as individuals maintaining a commitment to the Agile cause through the many business disruptions they have encountered.

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  • When: June 22nd, Thursday
  • Time: 7:30 to 10:00 am
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  • When: June 21st, Wednesday
  • Time: 7:30 to 10:00 am
  • Where:
    RACV Club, Presidents Room Level 1, 501 Bourke St Melbourne


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