The next session of The HindSight Forum examines how and why the long-term market leader in its business sector has undertaken a major digital transformation. This has entailed an award winning implementation of activity based working arrangements to foster greater internal collaboration and significant investment in boosting the capabilities of staff so they are digitally-fit to operate in the new environment. You can send any three delegates to either the Melbourne session on Friday October 19th or the Sydney session on Tuesday October 23rd. An overview of the session and the registration details are as follows:



  • Insights in how award winning activity based working arrangements operate successfully
  • Ideas on how to foster greater staff collaboration
  • Ensuring your investments in digital technologies generate value for your organisation
  • Learning how to assess staff digital competency
  • Understanding how to equip stakeholders with the wherewithal to master such a transformation
  • Insights about potential challenges to expect on a digital journey and ways to overcome them
Melbourne Venue The Sofitel Hotel
Address 25 Collins St, Melbourne
Sydney Venue The Westin Hotel
Address 1 Martin Place, Sydney
Dates Friday October 19th (MELBOURNE)
Tuesday October 23rd (SYDNEY)
Start/Finish 7:30am -10:00am

PRESENTER – Vishy Narayanan

ABOUT PwC (Australia)

  • Vishy is a Partner & Chief Digital Officer at PwC.   He is tasked with strengthening PwC’s business strategy, innovative culture and digital mindset.
  • He leads PwC’s internal IT team driving the change
  • Prior to this he has held leadership roles in ASX listed companies, blue chip professional services practices as well as in innovative start-ups
  • PwC is the 50th most valuable brand globally
  • PwC ranked on LinkedIn as the number 1 company where Australian’s want to work
  • PwC Australia has 7,500 staff, revenues of $1.5 billion and operates across 8 major offices
  • PwC is ranked as one of Australia’s top ten socially responsible organisations
  • PwC’s Sydney Client Collaboration Floors won the 2018 Good Design Award® Best in Class



  • CIO’s tasked with creating a collaborative environment to foster greater teamwork
  • COOs overseeing a business relocation
  • Executives investigating activity based working
  • Executives embarking on digital transformation
  • Strategy & Architecture professionals
Any three members of your organisation can attend either the Sydney or Melbourne event. To register please click on the following link:


RSVP by October 16th for catering and seating purposes

imgThe challenge

How do you take a long-established and extremely successful business made up of highly astute knowledge workers, many of whom have an ownership in the business, on a digital transformation journey that requires them to completely change the way they work?

PwC is the largest professional services firm and the market leader in Australia. However, it recognises that to maintain its leadership the organisation must continually keep reinventing itself to ensure it maintains its client relevance, it keeps attracting the top graduate skill sets it needs and that it stays ahead of its competition. However, the firm is a partnership so the support for change has needed the buy-in and on-going commitment of over 700 partners.

imgThe discussion points

In this session of the HindSight Forum Vishy will outline PwC’s rationale for the transformation it has undertaken and the implementation steps in the various stages of its digitalisation journey. Some of the areas that Vishy will cover in his presentation include:

  • How you engage stakeholders to ensure digital initiatives align with corporate strategy?
  • Why he considers creating the right collaborative working environment is the necessary first step to take in driving a digital transformation
  • Establishing the activity based working arrangements required for partners to give up the status of their own office. How has the C suite come to accept communal workspaces?
  • How & where has PwC changed its culture to adapt to the new working arrangements?
  • How the IT environment was re-architected to assist the new working arrangements and what support structures have been established to manage its ongoing operations?
  • The mobility apps and location functionality that underpins the working arrangements
  • How you communicate the forthcoming steps in a digital transformation to the business
  • The processes deployed to build up the digital competencies of senior staff to ensure they have mastered the new ways of working and their important IP is retained
  • How you balance guarding against cyber threats while championing digital initiatives
  • What unexpected outcomes, both good and bad, have happened?
  • How PwC has extended the collaborative working operations to include external clients
  • How has organisational productivity been impacted by the digital transformation and what KPIs are utilised to monitor the progress on the digitalisation journey
  • What external resources has PwC harnessed to help gather ideas & evolve its thinking?
  • Where does PwC expect its digitalisation voyage to take it? What are the next steps that it is planning to take in this journey?