img Who creates the agenda?

HindSight meets regularly with its members to get an insight into the issues and challenges confronting member companies.This dialogue teases out the topics that are top of mind for members – and uncovers potential speakers.

img How candid can participants really be?

Information generated at the Hindsight Forum is available only to the membership. The HindSight Forum requires members to keep confidential anything emanating from HindSight activities that might be considered commercial in-confidence. Anyone who fails to abide by this will jeopardise their organisation’s participation in the HindSight Forum


img What is asked of me as a member?

    As a member of the Hindsight Forum, you should be prepared to:

  • Participate in the HindSight sessions.
  • Share experiences with fellow HindSight members.
  • Assist when you can any requests generated by the HindSight Helpline.
  • Be willing to present – at a time of your choosing – at a Hindsight session. HindSight staff will help you develop the presentation.