img About the HindSight Application of Technology Study (HATS)

The HindSight Application of Technology study (HATS) is being commissioned by the HindSight Forum to provide local organisations with some context of where businesses in Australia and New Zealand actually are on the digitalisation journey. We shall not be commercialising the findings.The data will be fed back to local IT Executives at no charge.

To see the 2017 survey and questions please click on the attached link:

The survey itself should take no more than 20 minutes and can be completed by clicking the following button – 2017 survey


img Why are we undertaking it?

Most established business models are being disrupted by digitalisation. However, the IT industry is also notorious for being fuelled by marketing hype.The HATS survey seeks to help local ICT executives separate fact from fiction by providing them with local information on digitalisation usage patterns

to enable them to use that data to support business cases and strategy discussions.

img What insights can be obtained

Responses will be aggregated and incorporated into a statistical database where they can be analysed. Contrasts in the digitalisation circumstances among demographics such as: Australia and New Zealand; size of company and industry sectors will be accessible. Moreover, the findings of this analysis will be written up in to a comprehensive white paper that will be provided to every respondent to the survey.

img Who do I contact about the survey

If you have any questions or concerns do feel free to call The HindSight Forum on +61-(0)2-95555984 or to email us at