HindSight Forum Summaries June 2019

The HindSight Forum has recently joined forces with ADAPT Ventures, ( The case study presentations that were the core of the HindSight Forum services will now be delivered as a component within a membership service that ADAPT has launched.

Since June 2014 the HindSight Forum has delivered 22 case studies of IT implementations involving presentations by progressive thinking executives from Australia, Sweden and the United States. A summary of either the actual case study presentation or the dialogue around the topic has been created and is available on request as a pdf document. These presentations are as follows:

HindSight Forum sessions

Event Company Speakers Topic Date
HSF1 REA Group Nigel Dalton Building a digital business Jun-14
HSF2 Newcrest Carl Duckinson Operational efficiency Sep-14
HSF3 Australian Unity Glyn Lloyd Vendor Management Feb-15
HSF4 Zappos Geoffrey Apps Holacracy – devolving decision making Apr-15
HSF5 Munich Re Mario Sita Retrofitting Agile in an established business Jun-15
HSF6 Bankwest Rikki-Lee Vrankovich Using hackathons to nurture innovation Aug-15
HSF7 Veda Kari Mastropasqua Enhancing data analytical capabilities Oct-15
HSF8 SRO Victoria Paul Dulfer & Nathan Hart Using BPM to build a business architecture Feb-16
HSF9 nbn Roger Venning Reconciling demands for scarce IT resources May-16
HSF10 IooF Ashutosh Kapse Minimising Cybersecurity threats Jun-16
HSF11 Standard Chartered Robert Kliman Demystifying Blockchain technology Aug-16
HSF12 Spotify Anders Ivarsson Enhancing business responsiveness Oct-16
HSF13 Reserve Bank Sarv Girn Articulating the value IT provides Feb-17
HSF14 Transport for NSW David Allen Moving to an IT-as-a-service business model May-17
HSF15 Singtel Optus Parikshit Basrur & Karen Todeschini The challenges of effectively harnessing Agile Jun-17
HSF16 Newcrest Gavin Wood & Suzanne Boothey Speeding up change – building a high performance team Aug-17
HSF17 NAB Dayle Stevens Improving problem solving capabilities Oct-17
HSF18 Reece Group Darren Edgerton Prioritising projects Mar-18
HSF19 Lend Lease Bob Hennessy Enhancing business engagement May-18
HSF20 BOC Gases and Corelogic Greg Dickason & Jason O’Brien The great debate – what is the most appropriate sourcing strategy Jun-18
HSF21 ING Andrew Bacon Accelerating delivery through test automation Aug-18
HSF22 PwC Vishy Narayanan Driving a digital transformation Oct-18

Other deliverables

Another component of the HindSight Forum was the Helpline Report where a member could seek input from a peer for help with a problem they were experiencing. Respondents offering help were interviewed and their feedback and knowledge was incorporated in to a summary document with recommendations to the IT executive seeking help. Between 2014 and 2017 twelve Helpline reports were developed. Again these are available on request as pdf documents. The reports are as follows:

Helpline Reports

Topic Delivery Date
1 Instilling a more strategic focus in ICT department activities Nov-14
2 Who owns change management costs in projects with IT components Jun-15
3 What makes implementing Enterprise Architecture successful Sep-15
4 What are the best repositories for corporate data Oct-15
5 Articulating IT’s value in business terms Nov-15
6 Undertaking individual performance reviews in an Agile context Mar-16
7 Left field suggestions to include in a Service Level Agreement, (SLA) May-16
8 Metrics to monitor the performance of the IT department Jun-16
9 How to capture ideas for improving the work environment Jan-17
10 Governance structures for Cloud computing implementations Mar-17
11 Balancing resources between projects and BAU activities Sep-17
12 Statement of Works Support Arrangements Nov-17

The HindSight Application of Technology Study reports

The final deliverables that the HindSight Forum created were the HindSight Application of Technology Study (HATS) reports. The HATS study was undertaken by the HindSight Forum to provide local organisations with some context of where businesses in Australia and New Zealand actually were on the digitalisation journey. Full reports from each of the 2015, 2016 and 2017 studies are available as a pdf document on request.